Diamond Crown Robusto No. 3m


This is one of those newer cigars that I have discovered recently. However, there is nothing new about the quality and excellence that go into making this cigar. You see, it is from the Newman family. This family has been manufacturing cigars since 1895. This particular cigar, along with the entire Diamond Crown line, has been made to celebrate 100 years of production in the cigar industry by the Newman family.

The Robusto No.3 is a splendid cigar. Very full-bodied all the way around. I especially like the front end of this cigar. If your taste buds sense the same as mine, you will find that the beginning of this cigar is very bold with a dry-like smoke. In fact, some might say it comes on a bit too strong at the beginning. However, once you get into it a little, you will quickly find a very special kind of blend with the flavors. This one is tough for me to describe. It really isn’t spicy, but does it ever have flavor! For me it possesses a rich, thick-like flavor. It is very strong and full, but it doesn’t have flavors like other cigars. For me, it actually was a little sweeter than a lot of cigars. When I say sweeter, I’m not talking about the taste of sugar; I’m talking about the richness. It’s like a dessert that may not be all that sweet, but we sure can tell how rich it is. That’s what I’m talking about.

I love the size! This bad boy is another monster ring-sized cigar, checking in with a 54 ring. It’s about six inches in length and is made with two types of tobacco. The filler is Dominican, the binder is Dominican and the wrapper is a very special wrapper. It is Connecticut Leaf but it is called Connecticut Fermented Wrapper. This means it is double fermented in order to achieve a smoother and richer taste. I think it is a very full-flavored cigar with unique flavors.

These cigars are made in the Dominican Republic by the Fuente’s for the Newman family and are available out on the West Coast only at this point. However, by the time I get this on the site, they may have expanded the distribution a bit to other parts of the country. One last thing about this cigar: I have to say the presentation of this cigar is tremendous. When you see the box they come in, it tells the story of class that this family is all about. From the boxes they are packed in to the taste that one enjoys with them, this is an all-around great cigar. It smokes great, is very well made and brings with it a great amount of flavor and body. Enjoy!

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